Singapore – last stop of the journey

About 3.5 hours later I touched down in Singapore. Apart from a very long queue at immigration I entered the country without any problems. I got some local cash from an ATM and an EZlink card. This card was for the public transport in Singapore. It cost S$5 and you could charge it with money. When you entered a metro station you had to scan it and when you left the station at your destination you scanned again. It was a lot cheaper and more convenient with this card than having to get a ticket by cash every single time you traveled or than taking cabs. Singapore had a pretty good public transport system. I had to change trains once in order to get to china town and arrived at the Beary Best Hostel at about 7 pm.IMG_9629 (FILEminimizer) After checking in I walked to the Food Street to get some dinner.

After the free breakfast (which was more like a joke, but apart from that the hostel was really nice), I wanted to explore the city a bit. But it was raining a lot and I had seen the main attractions of Singapore – like Marina Bay Sands and Gardens by the Bay – already when I had a stopover here 3 years earlier. So my motivation was not the best. When the sun came out for a bit I went out anyway, walked along the Singapore River to the Bayfront.

IMG_20180427_112628_bea (FILEminimizer)
Marina Bay Sands

While I crossed the Spiral Bridge, the on and off drizzle turned into pouring rain again.IMG_20180427_115116 (FILEminimizer) I sought shelter under the beams of the bridge, but as the rain got stronger I had to sprint into the next shopping center to avoid getting soaked completely. I strolled around

and had lunch in the food court

IMG_20180427_120635 (FILEminimizer)

before taking the MRT back to Chinatown. I had a relaxed afternoon. Later I met 2 Swedish guys in the common room and in the evening we went to the Raffles City Shopping Center to have dinner in the food court there.

IMG_20180427_193241 (FILEminimizer)
my dinner – it is like a hot stone dish with salmon and chicken

For desert we went to the lower fancier food court a few floors down.

After returning to the hostel a Dutch guy (Rocky) from my dorm joined in and we went to the Archipelago Brewery Bar for a drink. They had a dice game going on. If you won you got a drink for free, if you lost you had to buy a big whiskey cocktail. Three of us played and we all lost.

IMG_20180427_215829 (FILEminimizer)
the four of us at Archipelago Brewery Bar

So I got that instead of the beer I had planned to drink. Around the hostel there was not much more going on so we went to one of the bars along the river.IMG_20180428_004148 (FILEminimizer)

Next morning after breakfast and checking out, I went with Rocky by MRT to the MacRitchie Park where we walked around the lake and did the Tree Top Walk.

This was all for free and you could see quite some wildlife there. It was like an oasis within a big city. IMG_9639_bea (FILEminimizer)IMG_9643_bea (FILEminimizer)IMG_9644 (FILEminimizer)IMG_9648 (FILEminimizer)IMG_9649_bea (FILEminimizer)IMG_20180428_223610 (FILEminimizer)Walking through the forest, we also went up on a look-out. IMG_9647 (FILEminimizer)We walked about 15km only inside the park.

Back in town we walked again

IMG_20180428_190432_bea1 (FILEminimizer)
some of the unusual buildings in Singapore

to the Raffles City for dinner.

Since the weather was so nice we walked back through the city, taking some nice sunset shotsIMG_9650 (FILEminimizer)IMG_9652_bea1 (FILEminimizer)IMG_9655 (FILEminimizer) and had a last drink at the Escobar.

IMG_20180428_200617 (FILEminimizer)
Farewell drink at Escobar

Back at the hostel I took a shower and changed. I had to learn that my flip-flops had been stolen out of the shoe cabinet in the hostel. Great! They had traveled with me for half a year, after I had to exchange my old ones on Bali and on my last day of the trip they get stolen! Well, could have been worse. I took the MRT to the airport, returned my EZLink card, got rid of my last Singapore cash by buying some snacks and had some tea.

IMG_20180428_235025 (FILEminimizer)
Singapore Airport

Punctually at 1 am the boarding started and I was on my way home after 372 days of traveling. I was happy and sad at the same time.

Singapore is a nice place for a stopover. I wouldn’t stay too long though since there is not soooo much to do and see. There are a lot of rather expensive places for accommodation and food, but in China Town, Little India and food courts of shopping centers you can also have great and cheap food. In those two districts you can also find cheap accommodation. For getting around you can walk a lot or take the MRT.


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