Hanoi – take II

After a shower and sleeping in a proper bed, I joined the Free City tour of the hostel the next morning after breakfast.

The guide was rather unmotivated but we got some information and I finally tried the famous Egg Coffee at the also famous Giang Café.

IMG_20180419_112948 (FILEminimizer)
egg coffee

I heard it really depends on who is doing the tour. Sometimes it is really great, I was just unlucky. Since the tour ended at the Central Backpackers in the Old Quarter I hung out there until 12 when I could pick up my free noodle soup. I got a voucher for the soup for booking the Sapa Tour at the hostel. After that I did some souvenir shopping and took a nap. For dinner I went to Chops and had a very tasty burger with a delicious beer. It is not the cheapest place, but amazing food and I just needed a change from the Asian food.

IMG_20180419_185116 (FILEminimizer)
burger and beer at Chops

The rest of the evening I spent with securing pictures, writing my diary and doing some banking. I had planned to join the pub crawl, but was too tired in the end.

Next day I got a massage somewhere in the Old Quarter and tried a Coconut Coffee at Ag Café.

IMG_20180420_161045 (FILEminimizer)
coconut coffee

I liked that even better than the Egg Coffee, although I usually don’t drink coffee at all. I spent quite some time walking around

and getting some sneakers, sandals, pants and a Kimono for myself and some more souvenirs for friends and family. There are several factories of famous brands in and around Hanoi or generally in Vietnam and you can find those things for sale on the streets everywhere in Hanoi for a much cheaper price than in Europe. If this is stuff from an old collection, damaged goods or if people steal it from the factories to sell them or maybe even get a certain part of the production for that or if they are all fake, I honestly don’t know. But it is good quality. In the evening I enjoyed the free beer in the hostel while playing cards with some British people and joined the pub crawl for a bit. You could get a very cheap tattoo that evening in the other Central hostel which is always the start of the pub crawl. IMG_20180420_214137 (FILEminimizer)I couldn’t believe how many people got some random tattoo done just because it was cheap and/or they were drunk! In Germany this wouldn’t be legal, but in Asia this is no problem at all.

The next day I finally went to a dentist to get dental hygiene done. I also wanted to get my teeth checked, but there was no free appointment available unfortunately. I went to the Serentiy International Dental Clinic for that. It was not exactly close bye, but in a nice area.

The equipment in the clinic was like in Germany or Switzerland, everything was super clean and professional and they did a good job. I only paid 440k Dong (~17€). Same quality but so much cheaper than at home. If I come back to Hanoi one day, I will plan that a bit better, so that I can get an appointment for dental hygiene and the dentist! It was Saturday so time for the Zouk Social at Beso Latino again.

IMG_20180421_204253 (FILEminimizer)

I was really looking forward to dancing. I was a bit early so I had another Egg Coffee in a Bar close bye. While walking around I also discovered a Harry Potter Bar.IMG_20180421_205213 (FILEminimizer) Dancing was great. This time with the better weather there were so many more people than last time and I had a great evening! The party ended shortly after midnight.

IMG_20180422_000923_1 (FILEminimizer)
the last survivors at the end of the party

The next day it was time to pack up again, leave most of my luggage in the luggage room of the hostel and getting ready for my next adventure: Cat Ba Island in the beautiful Halong Bay.

Bye bye Hanoi, see you on Wednesday!


  1. Great Fun!!
    I’m amazed you are still going!!!
    You are one DIFFERENT KIND OF PERSON!!!!
    When do you go to AUSTRALIA?
    I may be going there in the USA summertime(winter there)…
    Thanks for all your posts!!
    I’m so glad to have stayed with you at the Vancouver Downtown Hostel, 18 months ago!!
    Take good care! Stay healthy!!
    “Bob the (North American) Traveller”


    1. Hi Bob,
      I am giving up telling you I am not still traveling. Since I told you at least 4 times by now.
      Anyway I have been in Australia from August, 20 to September, 30 2017. Plus 6 weeks in January / February 2016. The first part you can read in this blog.
      Great travels! And enjoy Australia!


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