Nha Trang – a pit stop on the way

At 5:30 am the train arrived at the train station of Nha Trang. I took a mototaxi to the Backpack Abode Hostel (4€/night in the 6-bed dorm). It was not possible to check in yet, but they allowed me to rest a bit in one of the staff beds. At 8:30 I got up and went searching for some breakfast. The hostel had breakfast included, but since I would only check in later that day I had breakfast only from the next morning on. I walked to the beach and had a bit of a look around. Nha Trang is a very touristy place with mainly Chinese and Russians there. There is one skyscraper next to another, loads of souvenir shops and rather expensive hotels and restaurants and at the beach one sunbed and umbrella rental next to the other.

After getting a mango I went back to the hostel and made use of the WiFi until I could check in. Later I walked along the beach, had a smoothie, made use of one of the workout stations and walked to the Louisiana Brewhouse. IMG_20180401_132913 (FILEminimizer)They brew their own beer and where recommended in the Lonely Planet. The prices were made for the Chinese and Russian tourists, so pretty high. I decided to skip my plan of also eating there and only ordered a beer. There was one Australian guy there and we started talking, so I got stuck for a while. Since there was nothing else to do I didn’t mind too much though. When I got too hungry, I left. I walked to a nice local place the Australian had recommended me, but unfortunately they were closed. So I ended up in an Indian place. I had a little walk around and a nap after.

Later I enjoyed the free beer on the roof terrace of the hostel (from 7 to 8 pm) and after went to the Night Market for some Phở. On the market I had the feeling to be in China.

IMG_20180401_215524 (FILEminimizer)
that is how they make ice cream here

I had a good night’s sleep in the comfortable bed with curtains for some privacy. Unfortunately I couldn’t find anyone to team up with to rent a bike and go to the waterfalls. I didn’t want to go alone, so I slept in, enjoyed the free breakfast and went to the beach after checking out. I had a swim, but it was not really nice. There are strong currents and it is pretty wild. You can’t really swim, but there is also not enough to surf. I got a Bánh mì, walked around

and later a massage. It was a rather strange one and with 180000 Dong (~6,75€) one of the more expensive ones in Vietnam. I was allowed to take another shower in the hostel and went for a small dinner after. Then I waited for the pick-up for my night bus to Hoi An. This time I took the bus, since there was no direct train to Hoi An, only to Da Nang which is about 30 km away. Counting in the cabs I would have needed to take on both sides the train would have taken a lot longer and would have been a lot more expensive too. I wanted to try the bus anyway to see if it would really be so horrible as many people told me. It was actually quite comfortable, just a bit tight. Those busses are made for small Asian people, not for tall Western ones.

Bye, bye Nha Trang.

I didn’t like the place very much. I mainly stopped there to break up the long journey from HCMC to Hoi An (930 km along the coast). I was hoping for two nice days at the beach to relax, but for me this was not the right place for it. It was expensive, boring, the ocean was not great to swim, the clientele not mine,…  I would recommend to skip Nha Trang completely. There are many other nice places worth visiting instead in Vietnam.


  1. Hey there Meike!!
    I’m so glad to see u are still TRAVELING!
    That’s amazing to me!!
    We shared a hostel room in July in VANCOUVER, 1.5 years years ago!
    We took some tours with ERIC the Viking!
    That week trip was very very fun.
    Glad i met you, since you inspire me to take more SMALLER TRIPS in the USA!
    Cheers and Happy 2019 New Years!!
    Robert Smith
    (Your oldest Vancouver hostel roommate)


    1. Hi Robert,
      glad I could inspire you to travel a bit more! May 2019 be a big travel year for you! 😉
      I am unfortunately not traveling anymore. I returned to Switzerland end of April 2018 and I am back to the real world (working and such) since August. I have to make some money again. I am still not finished with my blog though, but soon.
      Of course I remember you and the tours we did! I liked Vancouver a lot!
      I am doing some smaller trips like long weekends within Europe for the moment, mainly for dancing. Bigger trips have to wait for a while. But I still got the travel bug!


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