Kampot and Kep

After a very bumpy ferry ride I had to wait for an hour or so until the bus took off to Kampot. I arrived around 4 pm very close to my new home Pepe & The Vikings. I checked in, handed in my laundry somewhere in town, had a walk around and took pictures of the sunset

before I went to a seeing hand massage (1h/ $5). This is a massage by blind people and it was absolutely amazing. I went to the Kampot Night Market to get some Beef Noodle Soup and had a beer in the restaurant of the hostel after. I tried to take a shower, but the shower didn’t work properly. When I went to bed, I had the next surprise. There was an old Swedish man in the dorm who snored like crazy plus was coughing his lungs out all night. It sounded like he would die every minute. I was just praying that he wouldn’t and also that he didn’t have TBC or any other infections lung disease. He was a heavy smoker, so could have come from that. Didn’t change the fact that I hardly slept that night though. In the morning I tried the shower again and this time it worked. I tried the breakfast in the hostel. The omelet was ok, but only partly warm and rather expensive. The food looked really amazing in this place, but the service was not exactly great and it was too pricey. I had booked another night at this place but didn’t intend to stay longer since it didn’t look like the Swedish guy would leave anytime soon and due to the staff. So I walked around looking for another place and booked two nights at the Bird’s Nest.

IMAG3995 (FILEminimizer)
Broken English Spoken Perfectly 😀

While I worked on my blog I enjoyed an amazing brownie at Pepe & The Vikings. IMAG3996 (FILEminimizer)For dinner I went to Ciao. This was a street food style Italian place on the Night Market I got a recommendation for. They had fresh pasta and pizza and were sold out rather quickly. So I went there half an hour before they opened to make sure I would get something this time. I already wanted to go there the day before, but when I got there, they were sold out. From an Irish girl there I learned that the next day would be a St. Patrick’s Day celebration at the Irish Pub in town. I didn’t even know they had an Irish pub in Kampot nor that they would celebrate that day in Cambodia. I also got to know a Japanese girl – Mei – and agreed with her to rent a scooter together the next day to drive to Kep. We got a pancake as desert, checked out where the Oh Neil’s was and had a cider in the Cider Shack. Another sleepless night with the snoring and coughing Swede in the room. The next morning I moved my stuff to the Bird’s Nest, had breakfast there and walked to Mei’s accommodation where we met at 9 am. She had already organized the scooter for $4/day. She was scared of driving so I drove and we went to Kep

to the National Park there. We had to pay $1 for parking and took off to walk the 8 km loop in the park. It was a nice stroll, nothing too special and pretty hot. IMAG4003 (FILEminimizer)IMG_8462 (FILEminimizer)IMG_8469 (FILEminimizer)IMG_8471 (FILEminimizer)After we quickly checked out the crab market but only got a coconut and a waffle before driving back to Kampot.IMG_8480 (FILEminimizer)IMG_8482 (FILEminimizer)IMG_8483 (FILEminimizer)IMG_8485 (FILEminimizer) I checked into my hostel and then we went to the Oh Neil’s. They had promised free Irish stew for the special occasion. We had some Kampot Cider while waiting for it. IMAG4005 (FILEminimizer)Both the cider and the stew were delicious and it was a nice crowd there. To make use of the scooter we left again after a while and explored the fish island across the river and later also the salt fields south-west of Kampot.

After two sleepless nights I urgently needed a nap after we returned the scooter. Later I walked around townIMAG4000 (FILEminimizer) and got stuck at Oh Neil’s again. I didn’t stay too long since I was still tired. But again I had a snorer in the room and didn’t sleep too well. The next day I went to Veronica’s for breakfast and mainly did administrative stuff. I also booked a single room for my last night since I really needed to sleep for a change and found a few people for another motorbike trip to Kep the next day. I went to the Hilton of Kampot. Sounds like a luxury place but it has nothing to do with a Hilton Hotel. It is a small bar with a few rooms for rent and a pool table in the back. They are selling “rum balls” and I intended to get one to help me sleep that night. I met a few guys I had met at the Irish Pub the day before and played pool with them. Back to the hostel I talked a bit to Adrian (the French guy I got to know in Vang Vieng in Laos) who happened to stay in the same hostel. I slept like a stone that night, didn’t even hear the storm. The next morning I checked out and moved my stuff to Rong Reung, where I treated myself for one night in a room all to myself for $8. I went back to the Bird’s Nest for breakfast and also met there with Helena and her friend and Nils. We rented two scooters and took off to La Plantation – a pepper farm which has free tours. We could taste a lot of different pepper, the tour was very interesting and the farm beautiful. I also bought some Kampot pepper.

We met a German couple there. After the tour the girls wanted to go for a swim in Secret Lake. It didn’t look too inviting for me. So I went with Nils and the German couple to the crab market in Kep and we finally tried some crab.

It was a very hot day and Nils was not in the mood to do any more exploring. So we went back to Kampot and I enjoyed a nap in my own room. Later I got some fruit and ate it at the river. Suddenly somebody called my name. It was James (met him at the Irish Pub and the other day for playing pool) who just had a drink on the roof terrace of the Fishmarket. I went upstairs and we had some drinks

IMAG4024 (FILEminimizer)
sunset from the roof terrace of the Fishmarket

and later dinner at an Indian place together. When I got back to my hostel the gate was already closed and I had to make quite some noise to get in. Once inside though I had a perfect good night’s sleep with no snorer or anything around. I really enjoyed not being in a dorm for a change!  The next morning I used the privacy to do some banking and securing pictures. After I went to the bank to change some of the bigger notes and had breakfast at Epic Arts.IMAG4021 (FILEminimizer) I had booked a night bus for that evening, but had to check out at 11 am. James had offered me that I could put my stuff in his place and also use the shower in the evening before going on the bus. During the day I walked around, enjoyed some nice food, got another massage and worked a bit on my blog. Then had a shower, picked up my stuff and went to the bus station. The bus left pretty punctual at 10 pm. I had booked a single bed, but they put me in a double bed anyway. There is not a lot of space for two people and you have to share with strangers.IMAG4027 (FILEminimizer) I had to share with a young Australian guy who took it for granted, since we were lying in the same bed, that he can kiss and touch me wherever he wanted. I was very busy to fight him off and was very happy that he got off in Phnom Penh and the rest of the ride I had the double bed to myself and could finally sleep a bit. Why do so many men think women are just pieces of meat they can treat like they want! Something is really wrong with this world!

Kampot is a very chilled and nice place. It has something that kind of keeps you there, I can’t really say what.There is not too much to do, but you can easily stay a few days, especially when you explore the surrounding. There are a lot of old people though, since many western pensioners are living there. I enjoyed it in Kampot and met a lot of people who got stuck way longer than they intended to stay.

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