Kratie – first stop in Cambodia

After a long time at the border and another few hours in the bus, I finally arrived at the Guesthouse Balcony Kratie around 4:30 pm. After checking in and an early dinner I walked around trying to get hold of some local cash. Took a while to find an ATM. A local next to me got Riel, but when I tried I could only withdrawal US$. I tried another ATM, there I didn´t even have the option to get Riel. Obviously with a foreign bank card you can´t withdrawal Riel. Pity, but well US$ it was then. I got only big notes which no one would take, great! I watched the sunset from the hostel terrace,IMAG3790 (FILEminimizer) got some computer work done and settled into bed reading. Next morning after breakfast I read a bit about the history and life in Cambodia. Later I took off with Sascha – a German from my dorm. We took the local boat for 1000 Riel (25 cents) to Kaoh Trong – an island in the Mekong.

There we rented bicycles and did the 10 km loop. It is a nice little island.

We also had lunch at a local place there.

IMG_8358 (FILEminimizer)
the bathroom of the family where we had lunch

We returned the bikes and took the boat back to the mainland.IMG_8368 (FILEminimizer) Sascha had to buy a bus ticket. He paid with one of my 100 dollar bills gave me the change and the price for the ticket in Riel. So I had smaller change and a few local notes as well. In Cambodia you always have two currencies in your wallet. 4000 Riel equal 1 US$. So if you have to pay something that costs 50 cents and pay with a one dollar bill, you get 2000 Riel as change. It is a bit confusing in the beginning, but you get used to it. We chilled a bit in the hostel, then rented a motorbike and drove around.

IMAG3788 (FILEminimizer)
typical petrol station

We went to the river dolphins viewing boat ramp to look for Irrawaddy Dolphins.

IMG_8370 (2) (FILEminimizer)
Irrawaddy dolphins are hard to catch on camera

Those dolphins were almost extinct but since 2016 the numbers were going up again. We couldn´t see very well there so we drove a bit further south to a viewing point. We met two nice Cambodian girls who shared a few fruit with us.

Next stop was the Phnom Sambok Tempel for sunset

and also another viewpoint

and dinner at the night market.

IMG_8392 (FILEminimizer)
we had a beautiful view of the full moon there

Back in the hostel we played a bit of pool. The next morning it was already time to leave Kratie. I got picked up by a minivan at 8 am and was on my way to Phnom Phen.

Kratie is a nice little town, nothing really special and not that much to do, but a nice start into Cambodia.

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