My attempt to track in beautiful Hsipaw

Mr Charles Guesthouse had a free shuttle that picked us up at the train station. We checked in and had some food in the restaurant of the guesthouse. I felt a little better afterwards. I booked my trekking tour and went to the room to repack. Suddenly I got hot and cold, I think I got a fever and only walking up and down the stairs really drained me of energy. I was more lying on my bed than packing, even slept a little bit. After about an hour I was a lot better again and when Lior asked if I want to join him to go to Mr Shake I came with him. I didn´t eat anything there though, just had a fruit shake. Malte and Leo joined later as well. I made it for quite a while until I started feeling super shitty again and went back to the hostel and straight to bed. Before going to bed, I had asked if there is a chance to cancel in the morning, if I wouldn´t feel any better. I slept more or less through until the next morning and felt pretty good again. No diarrhea at night only a little bit in the morning, no fever, I could eat breakfast without feeling nauseous and had more energy again. So I though ok, no need to cancel the trekking, I can go. Among the people that had signed up for the track was also Ferran (the guy I had met in Mandalay). Additionally there was a German couple, a French couple, two Dutch guys, a Korean and the guide. On the way to the track we also picked up a Belgian woman. We were 11 people, so a huge group which I didn´t like that much. But that was the way it was and at least it was a nice group. We drove for a while with a TukTuk and then started through our track through a village.

After about 30 minutes of walking, I didn´t feel very well anymore. I was nauseous again, had cramps and my energy was gone. At every stop I was running to the toilet. It was not really fun for me, but I also didn´t want to give up that easily, so I bit through.

After a snack stop at about 1:30 pm

IMG-20180117-WA0001 (FILEminimizer)
local food we had picked up on the way

I felt bad enough though that I agreed on taking a motorbike for the last leg to the village and wait for the others there. The drive on this “roads” didn´t exactly help to make me feel better since it was super bumpy.  When I arrived at the host family´s house in the village Ban Kham I sat down in the sun in a bamboo chair and didn´t move anymore. I got a pillow for my head and a stool for my feet and some Shaw medicine that tasted like once through the spice shelf. The next hour I spent dozing in my chair, watching the villagers and waiting for the others.

After the others arrived at about 4 pm we finally got lunch.

IMG_6890 (FILEminimizer)

We walked around the village together after a short rest and also visited the school where they were practicing some dances for a celebration the next day.

We sat around the fire, had dinner and went to bed. It was freezing, but with my sleeping bag liner and 2 blankets I was warm enough. At 6ish my diarrhea got me out of bed again and I just stayed up and watched the sunrise.

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After breakfast I had to decide if I would walk or give up and go back. I felt really bad again, but I also didn´t want to miss out on everything, so I had a hard time deciding. In the end I let reason win and returned back to the hostel. But I agreed with our guide that I will be picked up in the afternoon again and could join the others for the hot spring. I went straight to bed. Got some bananas and electrolytes, had a shower and chilled a bit on the balcony and organized a bus for the next day. At 3 pm I got picked up, we collected the others and drove to the hot pools. Men and woman have separate basins. It weren´t the nicest hot springs ever and since the locals also wash themselves and the laundry in there it is a bit disgusting for us Westerners. But well, at least I had seen it and didn´t stay in the hostel all day. And the warm water really felt good. Back at the hostel I talked to a Czech guy in my dorm and he gave me some pills from Czech Republic against intestine infections (no antibiotics!). Later I had dinner with the German couple from the trekking. I was actually hungry again; it seemed to be getting better finally. Next morning I checked out, had breakfast and couldn´t wait to get some movement. I walked to Sunset Hill. The temple on top is not the most impressive, but the way to it and the view is nice and I anyway just wanted to walk and move.

From there I went to the standing Buddha

and from there to Mr Shake again.

This time I had food there and really enjoyed my shake. I went back, got some information about beaches and buses and did some computer work. At 4 pm I got picked up by a Tuktuk to the bus station. This bus station was the tiniest bus station I have ever seen, just a shelter at the side of the street.

IMAG3280 (FILEminimizer)
the giant bus station in Hsipaw

The bus was about half an hour late and an US-American guy and me where the only white people on it. The next 14 to 15 hours I spent in this bus with a few toilet and one dinner stop. It got super cold at night. At the last stop before we reached Nyaungshwe I checked on my phone and it was only 8°C!

Hsipaw is a very nice place with nice and friendly people. It is a pity that I missed out on most of the trekking and felt like shit most of the time there. I guess I just have to come again. It is beautiful anyway!

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