After dropping Nate at the airport I drove to the Erban Spa where I had booked another massage over BookMe. Then I went to my hostel, the Prince Albert Backpackers. I couldn´t check in yet, but put my food in the fridge and park the car. I explored the town a little bit, withdrew some cash, went to a supermarket and on my way back I got a pie which I ate as lunch at the hostel.

I took a nap and had a shower and set down in the courtyard to write my diary and some computer work. After I cooked and ate dinner I went o the TV Lounge and joined a group of motorbike riders for a really strange movie they had started already. I slept in a little bit the next day and enjoyed the free breakfast. They even have waffles, very nice! I blogged a bit and did my exercises then I set off to explore the town again. Super close to the hostel I found a jeweler and asked if she could transform the bracelet I got for Christmas into an anklet since it was way too big and impractical to wear on the wrist. She did it for $10. From there I walked to the Center of New Zealand. It is pretty steep, but really nice.

I met an Austrian couple at the top. We took pictures of each other, then walked down together and went to a nice Thai restaurant for lunch. They went to the airport after and I had a look at the church at Trafalgar Square. They had a competition for the nicest or most meaningful Christmas tree in there and I also gave my vote.

I strolled through the city, a few souvenir shops, got an ice cream and enjoyed the afternoon.

Back in the hostel I took a nap and worked on my journal, worked a bit on my blog, talked to other guests, cooked dinner and got ready for the private Zouk party I had initiated since there was nothing going on in the dancing schools or clubs and I knew that there was a small Zouk scene in Nelson. So I walked to Julia´s Home. It was a lot further than it had looked on the map, but I made it. Since there was only one guy and 8 girls it was more a nice dinner party (I hadn´t know that there will be food otherwise I wouldn´t have had dinner before) than a dance event. But I got in a few dances with Callum and really enjoyed it. Later we all hopped into the Jaquzi. That was really nice! Thanks guys for organizing this on such short notice, I had a lovely evening!!! I got a lift back to my hostel since it was raining cats and dogs. Next morning it was already time to move on to Kaikoura. So I had breakfast and checked out, said goodbye and was on the road again. I went to Tahunanui Beach before leaving the city though and walked around there for a bit taking pictures and enjoying the view.

Nelson is a nice town where there is also a little bit going on. Not like in Auckland, Wellington or Christchurch, but still more than in the small places on the west and gold coast. But you still don´t have the feeling of being in a big city and there is a nice beach. Nice place, definitely!

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