Wanaka – the quieter but at least as beautiful sister of Queenstown

On my way to Wanaka I stopped in Arrowtown. This is an old gold mining town with a really cute city center and the Arrowtown Chinese Settlement. The settlement shows how the Chinese workers used to live and has loads of information boards which describe with what difficulties they had to fight.

In the city I got some fresh cherries and fudge

then I drove on to Wanaka. I directly went to the Puzzling World. Before I went into the illusion rooms I had a pie for lunch. The Puzzling World is really cool, you see lots of different optical illusions in 4 different rooms with different themes and they also have a maze outside. It looks rather easy, but it is not. Took me more than one hour to complete the task, but it was fun. In total I spent about 4 hours in the Puzzling World.

I got some information for hikes in the Mt Aspiring National Park in the i-Site and went to a supermarket to get new supplies. From there I went to the Wanaka Bakpaka which is a lovely hostel with a great view over the lake.

It was very windy, almost stormy and rather fresh outside. So I first took a nap before I cooked dinner, wrote my journal and worked on the blog. Some people from the hostel were looking for a 4th person to play cards with them. I hardly ever say no to a game so I joined them for a game of Wizd. I was playing with a Dutch couple (Scarlett & Dan) and an Israeli (Norm). The game is quite interesting and lasted until midnight. The next day I went for a hike up Roys Peak. This is an 8 km hike with 1200m elevation one way. So first up and then down again, pretty steep and 16 km in total. It is pretty exhausting but the views are absolutely worth it and it is always nice to achieve something like that. Including about half an hour break at the top and several photo stops it took me 5h20 to get back to the car.

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I drove back to the hostel had a shower, a snack and a nap and walked down to the lake where I put at least my feet in. The water was pretty cold. After cooking and dinner I played another game of Wizd with the three people from the day before. It got late again and I slept like a stone. The next day it was grey, dark, super windy and rainy. I hardly got out of bed and took my time with breakfast and stuff, also finished reading another book. Then I packed up and started the drive to the glaciers.

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