Invercargill and Bluff

From the Otago Peninsula I drove over Milton – where I had a short snack stop – to Nugget Point. Vicky, the AirBnB Host from Coldstream, had recommended that to me. It was a bit of a detour, but I wanted to see it. Unfortunately it was rainy, windy and pretty cold. The view was not the best but still quite spectacular. I have also seen spoonbills and sea lions.

From there I drove directly to Invercargill where I arrived at about 6pm and checked into the Southern Comfort Backpackers. They have a very cozy launch and a well equipped kitchen. I cooked dinner and ate, before settling down on a couch doing some computer work and journal writing and went to bed rather early. The next morning I had to pick up Tom from the airport. I had met Tom in Australia on the 3 day Kakadu National Park Tour. His flight was an hour delayed. Once he was finally there, we checked into the AirBnB I had booked for us. When Tom had a shower we went into town to the Sunday´s Farmers market, also got some groceries and got camping equipment for Tom since he didn´t bring any. There was a very cold wind blowing. It was coming directly from the Antarctica which is quite common here during the summer months. Without the wind it would have been nice and warm, like this it was rather freezing. We only had a very short walk around the city.

Back to the AirBnB we took a nap. Tom slept the whole afternoon while I was doing my laundry, worked on my blog and booked further accommodation for us. After dinner we watched a movie and went to bed. We went to Bluff the next day. It was raining most of the time and was super windy. We had a look at the harbor and the city, and then we walked to Stirling Point and the Signal Station.

From there we walked up Bluff Hill. I had a hard time getting up there being on Antibiotics that still didn´t show any effect, but we made it. It is a beautiful view from up there.

A nice lady gave us a ride down back to the city where we had Fish´n´Chips for lunch. Back home we had a nap again. I did some more planning, inhaled, wrote my journal and did my exercises and worked on my blog while Tom was sleeping. Late in the evening at about 10 pm we decided we would like to have a beer. Supermarkets in Invercargill don’t sell any alcohol though and most places were already closed. We went to the Foundry, but they didn´t have any beer I like and Tom didn´t want to drink alone. So we returned empty handed and went to bed. The next morning we already left Invercargill and drove to Te Anau.


  1. Happy New Year Meike! Plane gerade meinen neuen Urlaub. Wird wieder Australien und evtl 10 Tage Fiji Inseln. Mal sehen. Hoffe, es geht Dir gut, Deine Beschreibungen sind immer spannend. Weiter gute Fahrt und gute Reise!LG Antje >

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