Lake Tekapo, Twizel and Mt Cook

In the next town after I had left Coldstream I stopped since I urgently needed to go to a pharmacy. The cold with the sore throat and bad cough I caught in Flores had moved on to a serious sinusitis which got worse and worse instead of getting better. I got some decongestants and since Geraldine is quite nice, I also walked around a bit and had a pie in a bakery.

My next stop was Lake Tekapo. It is so beautiful there! Cristal clear water, the snow-capped mountains in the distance, sunshine,… Just perfect! I walked around, had a look at the Church of the God Shephard and the dam, sat on the beach for a while and wrote my diary while having snacks on a pick nick table close to the lake.

Since I felt really sick I didn´t want to camp. The nights were still very cold and I didn´t want to make things worse as they were already. But I couldn´t find any other free and affordable accommodation in Lake Tekapo. So I had booked a hostel in Twizel. It was the most expensive hostel with $37 for a dorm bed so far. When I arrived at the High County Inn and checked in, I learned that not even WiFi is included in the price, you had to pay extra. The beds were very uncomfortable and loud. As soon as somebody moved everything was shaking and creeking, the showers were not exactly nice and clean and apart from the kitchen there was not even a proper common room. I wouldn´t even recommend this place if it would be cheaper, but for this price, I can just say: don´t book the High County Inn in Twizel! I didn´t have any other choice since every affordable accommodation was booked out already. After dinner I played cards with three Dutch people. The only reason why I came to this area was that I wanted to go to Mt Cook. The next morning I felt even worse than the day before though. I had planned to do the trail to Miller Hut which is 8-10 hours return and 1000 meters elevation. But I was just not fit enough for that. So I chose a much easier track since I didn´t want to miss out completely. Hooker Valley Track it was then (supposed to be 3-4 hours return and 80m elevation). It was an easy but very nice track with great views. At the end you get to Hooker Lake which is directly at the end of the Hooker Glacier and there are huge ice blocks swimming in the water. Mt Cook which towers above the whole thing just finishes this picture off perfectly. There was a very cold wind blowing there and I was happy that I brought my sweater.

I drove back to Twizel.

At the hostel I had a nap, went to the supermarket, had a shower, cooked and had dinner. I went to bed rather early, but slept not very well due to a heavy snorer above me. The next morning I was off to Oamaru.

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