Akaroa – a beautiful place on the Banks Peninsula

On my way to Akaroa I stopped at the Hilltop Tavern. You have a beautiful view from there which I enjoyed while having a light lunch. It was another beautiful day and I could sit outside in the sun.

I continued further to Akaroa. It is a very windy and narrow road and it´s quite tiring to drive there.

When I finally reached Akaroa, I was quite happy. But the next mission was awaiting me there. I had booked a dorm in the Akaroa Backpacker but I just couldn´t find it even with having the address. After driving back and forth several times, I just parked the car and looked on foot. Eventually I gave up and just asked in a shop. I learned that it is the Madeira Hotel. Well, would have been nice to get this information before! At the door of the hotel I saw a tiny sign which said that this is the Akaroa Backpacker, no chance to see that from the road. I had to wait a bit until I could check in my room, so I used the WiFi sitting in the beer garden. The rooms are rather small; you can see that they just transformed a hotel into a hostel by putting 2 bunk beds in each room. There is also no proper kitchen only a microwave, toaster and water kettle and a super tiny fridge. And there are only two showers for all the people. So definitely not an ideal place, but it is cheap compared to the other hostels there and quite central and you get 20% off food in the restaurant downstairs. I explored the city a bit, read on the beach and went to the super market to buy a cool pack. They didn´t have any but one of the employees gave me some ice packs for free instead.

Back at the hostel I tried the restaurant and had a burger and a beer. I got cold sitting in the beer garden so I moved inside to finish my beer. I wanted to have an early night, since I had to get up early for a kayak tour the next morning. A Polish guy joined me at my table and we had an interesting chat. He also invited me for some whisky. So it got pretty late and I had way more to drink than expected. At 6:30 the night was over. I had a quick breakfast, got my stuff and went to the meeting point. There I met 5 other paddlers and our guide from Akaroa Kayak Safaris. We got some instructions and had to fill in and sign a form then we were transferred further down the bay where we boarded the kayaks. It was a beautiful paddle with loads of Hector dolphins swimming around us. We even got a cookie at one point, paddled through some rock formations and got quite some information about the area. This three hour tour was definitely worth getting up so early! Plus since I had gotten a good deal over bookme I only paid half of the normal price. While paddling back we had pretty heavy head wind so we got a great workout in too.

Back to the hostel I had a little nap and an instant noodle soup. I sat on the lake to write my diary before walking around and exploring the area. I went into some of the cute little shops there and couldn´t resist buying some really nice fudge. I went to the wharf, the lighthouse, to some cemetery and walked through the woods where I worked out a little bit on a playground. On my way back I made use of the happy hour in the Harbar.

For dinner I enjoyed a nice salad at my hostel. IMAG2792 (FILEminimizer)The next 5 hours I spend on the computer trying to find accommodation for the next couple of days and planning a bit. The next morning I did a little walk in Stanley Park before heading to my next destination.

Akaroa is really beautiful, but also quite touristy and thus rather expensive.

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