Senggigi (Lombok)

After 3 hours I landed again at LOP on Lombok. There was another huge line up at immigration. But when it was my turn I got in without problems. My bag had taken a few rounds on the baggage claim belt already until I finally reached it. There was a US couple in the line, who didn´t have a flight ticket for leaving Indonesia. Since this is mandatory they wouldn´t let them in. They were making a big fuss how stupid that is and they didn´t know, nobody would tell them, they came all this way, blablabla. Well, it doesn’t harm to inform oneself at least a little bit before traveling to a foreign country. I told them to just book a cheap AirAsia flight to somewhere. They wouldn´t need to take this flight. Those dummy flights are pretty common and well known for travelers. I was nice to them giving tips and they started ranting at me too. Idiots! After that I told them that in every travel guide and on every homepage where you can get information about the visa and so on it says that you need a flight out to be able to get into the country. Their answer was “Who is reading that?!?”. I could just shake my head and think it serves them right to be stuck! I exchanged my remaining Ringgit into Rupia, got some snacks and tried to find the bus station. Thanks to Lonely Planet I knew that there is a bus to Senggigi for just 40K and I wanted to take that. A cab driver was doing his best to convince me to go with him for 350K. Since it was already getting dark and I was not feeling well, I was willing to pay a bit more than for the bus and have a door to door transportation. But he wouldn´t go below 300K and I just left him standing there and took the bus. The busses basically leave when they are full. But I was lucky again since it filled up quite quickly and after only 15 to 20 minutes we were off. After 1.5 hours we reached Senggigi and I was dropped on the main street. I checked on Maps and saw that it was only about 600 m walk away from my hostel, so I walked there. After checking in at Oggie´s Place I wanted to finally eat something. I hadn´t really dared to eat while I was traveling since I didn´t keep anything inside me for long and that´s kind of impractical when you are stuck in a bus or plane. The kitchen at Oggie´s Place was closed already so I only got a Banana Lassie and skipped food, since I was too tired and exhausted to walk around looking for a place to eat. I used the WiFi for a bit and went to bed. Apart from belly cramps that woke me up every now and then I slept really well in my bamboo bed.IMAG2491 (FILEminimizer) Next morning I got the included breakfast. Was not too much and not the best, but for free and better than in KL for sure! I still had really bad diarrhea, so it was anyway in vain to eat it. After breakfast I was already so exhausted that I went to bed again for a while. Later after a shower I walked to the close by beach, got a coconut and watched Mt Agung in the distance.

Then I bought some water and got some stuff in the pharmacy that Wayan – a friend from Bali – had recommended to me. I tried eating again: chicken noodle soup and black tea without sugar. In the restaurant I met a nice French guy which whom I talked for a while. I was ready for another nap after that, totally drained off energy. After the nap I treated myself to a really nice traditional massage, one hour for 70K (~4,40€).

IMAG2496 (FILEminimizer)
the entrance of the massage place

The rest of the day I basically spend on the computer researching and organizing stuff. Since my lunch was the first food that stayed inside for a little longer, I went to the same restaurant for dinner and again met this French guy there.

IMAG2498 (FILEminimizer)
my dinner

They also offered shuttle bus and boat to the Gillis and from looking around during the day they were the cheapest. So I booked there for the day after tomorrow. I went to bed soon after that. Next morning I wanted to get up a bit earlier and finally do something, but didn´t manage to get out of bed. After breakfast I walked around a bit in search of a doctor, but was not successful.

Street art in Senggigi

I felt a tiny little bit better and really wanted to leave the hostel for a change today. Back to Oggie´s Place Mark (a guy from the UK) and his friend Maxim (French) where just discussing what to do that day. They decided to take their scooters and explore a few beaches in the area. I asked if I could join them and Mark took me on his scooter. It is not hard to find more or less empty nice beaches here, if you have a scooter or any other means of transport. At our first stop Mark and I went for a swim. The current was pretty strong and it was not ideal for swimming, but a lot of fun playing around in the waves.

After that we went to Coco Beach, where we had lunch. It is a really nice setting there, but not the cheapest place.

We went to another beach after where you could swim a lot better and chilled there for a while before returning to Senggigi.

We watched the sunset at the beach close to the hostel and also met Marie – a French girl who has been traveling with Mark and Maxim for a while.

We agreed to meet later for dinner. I went back to the hostel, had a shower and rested a bit before we walked along the main road to find some nice but inexpensive food. We ended up in a road side warung with really good local food for little money. Later Maxim got a Terang Bulan with chocolate, peanuts and sesame as desert. IMAG2519 (FILEminimizer)Since this stuff is so fat everybody got a piece and we still hardly made it. Next morning I felt even worse than the days before, I was dizzy and shaky and just felt super weak and bad. I had learned the day before that the best bet for a doctor would be the hospital in Mataram. I usually try to avoid doctors and especially hospitals, but I felt so bad and was having diarrhea for a week by now that it didn´t sound like such a bad idea anymore to see a doctor. I still tried to avoid it and walked around for a bit in the morning to get some water and stuff and went for lunch with Mark. But after lunch I felt even worse and was so dizzy I had the feeling I would faint any moment. I checked for the best hospital option and decided for the RS Harapan Keluarga, which is an international hospital and basically the one where all the tourists go to when there is a problem. I was too weak to rent a scooter and also wasn´t up to take a bemo. Especially since the hospital is not in the center of Mataram, but a bit outside. The cabs here are rather expensive and there is no Uber. One of the drivers from the street who had asked me like a million times already if I would need transport offered to bring me, wait for me and drive me back. I told him that I don´t know how long it would take and that it might be better if he would just drop me and I see how I get back on my own, but he insisted on waiting. We agreed on a price and I was finally on my way to the hospital. About half an hour later we arrived. At reception they kept my passport and send me directly to the emergency. I expected to have to wait there for hours, but I got straight through. The male nurse took me to a bed and checked my vital signs and temperature than a female doctor came for some further checks. I got an infusion where they also added some stuff and they took blood for some lab checks. IMAG2520 (FILEminimizer)Everything looked really sterile and professional and the doctor spoke English pretty well. She was always talking about keeping me over night or even a couple of days. I was not happy with that. After the infusion I felt a little better and since I didn´t have a bacterial infection according to my blood samples, she finally agreed to let me go. She gave me a huge list with medication. I insisted on getting a prescription instead of buying the stuff directly at the hospital. For two reasons: first they have a lot of stuff in Indonesia that is really hardcore and not approved in Europe due to that and I first wanted to check what it is before buying it and second it is more expensive in the hospital than in the pharmacy. It took me a while to convince them. Then it was time for payment in order to get my passport back. I was expecting quite a lot, but in the end it was only about 40€. After three hours I was finally out of hospital again. I almost expected my driver to be gone, but he was still there. But of course he was wailing and complaining that he had to wait for sooo long and wanted more money. Not that I had told him before and he had insisted. He asked for the double of what we agreed on. I was still very weak and not very well and even then they try to rip you off here! I got really angry and hardly spoke a word with him on the way back. I gave him a little bit more than what we agreed on, but not as much as he asked for. After resting a bit, I searched the internet and with Wayan´s help I identified the medication. I went to the pharmacy to get half of the stuff prescribed and some more water. Started taking some anti parasite tablets and went to bed. Wayan told me that they love to keep people in hospital and also always try to sell as much medicine as possible just to make more money. Next morning I had to get up early for my shuttle to Bangsal from where the ferry to Gili Air would leave. About 40 minutes later we got loaded off at a cafê close to the beach and had to wait there for half an hour. Then they put us in horse carts to get to the ferry. Of course those weren´t included in the price and of course they only told us when we were already sitting inside. If they would have said something earlier we would have walked instead of sitting in the café, now it was too late. I was squeezed in with a German couple and at least we got the price down. IMAG2530 (FILEminimizer)Payed together as much as he had asked per person in the beginning, but it was still way too much for this short and unnecessary trip. Rip off where you go! Lombok is on its best way to become a second Bali unfortunately! When it was time to board the local ferry, some guy grabbed my bag and put in on the boat and of course also wanted money for it. With all other ferries this is part of the service you pay for. I gave him something being really pissed by now and he was super pissed as well for not getting as much as he expected. The ferry was very full with passengers and luggage and we got quite wet on the way.IMAG2531 (FILEminimizer)

I was looking forward to a few quiet days on Gili Air!

Unfortunately I have been sick most of the time I have been on Lombok, so I didn´t make it to the north. I wanted to see the waterfalls in Sinaru, climb Mt Rinjani and a few other things. The north is supposed to be really beautiful and also not as touristy as Kuta and Senggigi. I guess I have to come back to Lombok to give it a second chance. But I will definitely skip those two places next time or at least won´t stay longer than necessary.


  1. Hi Meike! Oh my! I have read all you articles, this is an adventure, I could never do! I really admire your courage to do all these things. I hope, everything is going to be fine for you, wish you great time! Go on! I read everything! Your photos are great! Hugs! Antje


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