Kuala Lumpur (KL) – a visa run

The flight was quite shaky, but I landed well in KL. I had to line up for ages at immigration, but when it was finally my turn I got in without problems. I took the express train to the city for 55 Ringgit (RM) – about 11€. About 45 min later I arrived at KL Sentral. From there I had to take another train to Pasar Seni, one of the MRT stops in Chinatown. This train was only 1.3 RM. Trains in KL are pretty cheap, only the airport train is very expensive. I had some difficulties to find my hostel but with the help of several very friendly and helpful locals I finally managed to find the Travel Hub. It was actually very close to the train station if you walk the right way. After I had checked in I walked around a bit in search of food. I ended up on the market in a Chinese street restaurant. I got back to the Travel Hub and went to the roof bar they have – The Attic. You have a nice view over the city from there.

I met an Irish guy named Dara and German girl name Alina who both live and work in Bangkok and were on a long weekend trip to KL. We had a beer together and later they went out. I was too tired and stayed back. I didn´t sleep very well; first it was super cold in the dorm, the air con was set for freezer and second there was a lot of commotion. People coming in and out of the room every few minutes the whole night, banging the doors, switching the lights on and off, talking very loud,… I got up quite knackered in the morning and went for the included breakfast. It was just tea/coffee and toast. I took the MRT train to KLCC for 2,30 RM and had a look at the Petronas Towers, outside and inside. There is a big shopping mall inside and I also got a little something to eat after the almost not existing breakfast.

When I was about to leave the towers to explore the rest of the city it was pouring down. I waited for a while but it didn´t look like it was going to stop anytime soon. So I just started walking. It was anyway still warm.

At a red traffic light I bumped into two Aussies who wanted to go to the Upside Down House which is just next to the KL Tower. So we walked together. On the way I stopped quickly in a restaurant and asked for a plastic bag to protect my camera. The Upside Down house was closed unfortunately, so we visited the chocolate store next to the KL tower and tried all kinds of chocolate there. We explored the tower a bit, but didn´t go up. The guys already had tickets for the top of the Petronas Towers later that day and with the shitty weather you wouldn´t see anything anyway.

We started our way back. At one point I turned in order to get to the Hard Rock Café whereas the guys continued to the towers. I had a look in the shop, but didn´t find anything that would have been worth the high prices. From there I walked to Bukit Bintang – basically the party area of the city. It had finally stopped raining and with the sun I dried rather quickly. I had to use a bridge to cross a street and ended up in a Mall with some bars and restaurants. I was craving for some rather western food, definitely something without rice for a change. I ended up in an Irish Pub and had some lamb stew and a Tiger beer.

When I wanted to leave the four guys from the neighbor table started talking to me. We had some nice conversation and I ended up staying. They were all from Australia and basically in KL for the GM, like so many other people I had met. After a few beer and snacks and a bottle of water (they paid for all of it!) we parted and I went back to the hostel. IMAG2479 (FILEminimizer)I haven´t realized that there is another China town stop (Maharajalela) close to my hostel from the orange line that would actually just depart from where I was, so I walked back to KLCC and took the train from there. At the hostel I finished one blog post and got an instant noodle soup later for dinner. It was already 8:30 pm, so I went directly up to the Attic bar instead of having a nap. I was supposed to meet Dara and Alina there plus there was a Halloween Party that night. They had free welcome shots for the first 30 guests and an open mic ghost story telling competition and some other stuff.

The original plan was to quickly check out this party and then go out somewhere in Bukit Bintang. Since Dara took part in the competition and won a bottle of gin together with another guy from the next table we somehow got stuck there though and it was already after 12 when Dara and Abraham wanted to get into town. Since I hadn´t slept properly the night before I was already super tired and wasn´t really in the mood anymore. At 10 or so I would have joined happily. Alina was also not too happy to go all the way and would have preferred something closer. So I went with her to a hidden bar just around the corner and the guys took an Uber to town. This hidden bar is camouflaged as a toy store and looks really nice and cool inside. It was a bit more expensive than the Attic bar at the hostel, but still ok and the service was superb. We had one drink each and some crackers and went back.

We quickly had a look at the roof top if there was still something going on. They were still on it. Alina ordered another drink, I had have enough and just had a coke and went to bed after. I was soooo tired, but no chance to sleep in this place. That night was even worse than the one before. If you are someone who loves to party all night until 9 am, this hostel is the perfect place for you. But if you need some sleep at night either get a private room or another place. The dorms at the Travel Hub are definitely not good for people who need sleep and are not in an alcohol coma that makes them oblivious to anything that happens around.  The next morning I didn´t feel very well, 2 nights in a row with almost no sleep plus a light hangover. I had a bit of diarrhea already since 2 or 3 days, but now it was really bad. I had breakfast and a shower and packed up my stuff. Then I took the MRT train to KL Sentral and from there I took the bus to the airport. The bus is only 12RM instead of 55 RM for the train and only takes like 15 minutes longer. I didn´t know about that when I arrived, that´s why I took the train which was still a lot faster and cheaper than taking a cab. I was super lucky that there was just a bus leaving when I arrived and this bus had exactly one free seat left. So I only got the ticket, hopped on and off we went. Didn´t have to wait for 5 minutes. AirAsia had a bit of chaos and sent me from one counter to the other until I could finally check in. And there my short trip to Malaysia ended again and I went back to Indonesia.

The weather was beautiful again not like the day before where it basically rained all day. Was a pitty since I hadn´t seen too much of the city due to the weather. I guess I have to come back. I really liked the city and could have stayed a few days longer. Next time, just in another hostel…


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