Kuta Lombok

The flight from Jakarta with Garuda Indonesia was nice and I could even take pictures of Mt Agung peeking through the clouds and a really nice sunset before landing at LOP, the international airport on Lombok.

The cab drivers at the airport want 120000 Rp for the way to Kuta. I got them down to 100K, which is still too much, but at least a little reduction. The driver dropped me at the Banyu Urip homestay. The front part of the homestay looks really nice with the pool and the rooms around, but those rooms are 250 /350 K per night. The cheaper rooms for 150K are further in the back and they are very small, smell musty, are super-hot, there is only a fan but no mosquito nets, neither on the window slits nor over the bed (in the rooms with air con they have mosquito nets which doesn´t make sense at all), the bathroom is moldy, dirty and very smelly. Not exactly the best value for money there! The included breakfast is nice, but could be more. I went to the Cloud 7 more or less next door for dinner. Next day I grabbed my camera and walked to the close by beach to take some pictures. It was more of a construction site, lots of waste lying around and not the most beautiful beach I have ever seen, but ok. After walking in the heat for a while I got a fresh young coconut and continued along the beach until I coulnd´t walk there any further.

I had to cross some backyards and farm lands to get back to a street and got pretty dirty while doing that. At the next house I asked if I could have a bucket of water to clean my black and muddy feet and legs and was allowed to use the scoope in the toilet there to more or less clean myself. I continued on the road. After a while I had the feeling to go in the wrong direction and just wanted to check on google maps, when a guy on his motorbike stopped next to me and asked if I need a lift. I was very wary since so far my experience in Kuta was that everybody tries to rip you off and everybody wants to sell you something. He insisted that he only wants money for the petrol and nothing more and when I asked for a concrete price I thought ok, might as well. It was very hot and any other transportation would have been a lot more for sure. I was also quite far away from my accommodation. He wanted to bring me to the beach. First we went to the hostel that I could bring back my camera and get my beach stuff and then we drove to some nice and almost lonely beach. Spend a while there, I also had a swim, then we continued to another beach. Arum tried to kiss me and stuff after a while and after first politely saying no and fighting him off I got pretty angry and clear. He said he was sorry and would stop and I gave him a second chance. After that he was descend for the rest of the afternoon. We had lunch in a small warung and then he dropped me back to my hostel.

I checked out the hostel pool and had a shower while waiting for a friend in Switzerland to have lunch break so we could talk on the phone. I had agreed with Arum to meet him for dinner and to go to the beach party after. There was not much going on at that party and Arum started to become very touchy and annoying again. So I went back to my hostel and to bed. Next morning I did some computer stuff and bought some fruit. Arum was all the time trying to call me and texted me. He wanted to take me to another remote beach quite far away, but I dind´t want to be alone with him. He had his second chance and ruined it and I really was not in the mood to constantly fight him off and be wary all the time. I anyway wanted to go surfing. So I rented a scooter at the hostel for 50K a day and drove to Selong Belanak. It was quite far and took me a while but was also a nice route. Parking there is 10K and as soon as you step on the beach there are hundreds of people who want to sell you sun umbrellas, sun beads, surf lessons, coconuts, food,…  The first people wanted 150K for sunbed and umbrella plus 300K for 2 hours surf lesson. In the end I managed to get sunbed and umbrella for 50K and rented a surfboard for the day for another 50K. When I got into the water I had to discover that it is full of waste. There was so much plastic in the water you couldn´t make one step without something clinging to you. Was pretty disgusting! I tried to be on my board as much as possible and rather paddle then walking or standing in the water.

The waves where pretty small, nice conditions to get back into it, especially on my own without a guide. I caught quite some waves and had fun! Later in the afternoon the sky started to get really dark and I packed up, because I didn´t want to drive these roads in rain and also wanted to be back before dark. Back to Kuta I got a coconut, had a shower and went to Cloud 7 again for dinner. When I just had finished eating, Daniel & Steffi 8the couple I had met in TukTuk) stopped with their scooter in front of the restaurant. What a coincidence! They joined me and we had a nice evening together. Since it started to pour down we sat there a bit longer than expected. Arum was still texting and calling me all the time. He was even waiting in front of my hostel for me. I was quite happy to have Daniel and Steffi around! When the rain finally got a bit less, we took off and I went to bed. Right after breakfast the next morning I got picked up by the shuttle I had organized the day before and went to the airport. My AirAsia flight to KL was delayed and you can´t refill your water bottle anywhere at this airport. But finally I got on the plane and left the country for 2 days to get another visa that would allow me to stay another month in Indonesia. They don´t even serve water for free you have to buy everything with this airline and they are mostly delayed. but at least kind of cheap if you are lucky.

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