I arrived punctual in Perth at 3:40 pm and got picked up by my friend Bruno. He had his son Amani with him and another German traveler named Anni who arrived on the same day and almost the same time. What a coincidence! After Bruno picked something up in the city we drove to his place in Gooseberry Hill. I had seen this place 1.5 years ago when they had just moved in and I was very excited to see what they had made out of it. It is a huge property! We first got a house and garden tour and then moved into our rooms; Anni into the guest room and I got Amani´s room. It was really cold and rainy and I was freezing. Even inside the house since it is not properly isolated and has no central heating. When Magarita got home we had steak and salad for dinner. They went to bed pretty early and Anni and I got on our laptops. I finished the Darwin to Broome blog and went to bed around midnight. I got up at 8 since Bruno offered to drop Anni and me in the city after he brought Amani to some school friends. He had a shooting downtown and we could discover Perth. I first had to go to the post office to get rid of my parcel then we went to Woolworth for water and snacks. Once we got out there it was raining cats and dogs. So we did some shopping center hopping for about 2 hours. IMAG2250 (FILEminimizer)When the rain finally got less we went to the waterfront and Bell Tower and walked around the little park next to it.

Then we went back to the Food Court of the shopping center for lunch.IMAG2253 (FILEminimizer) We got groceries at Woolworth since we had decided to cook for our hosts that evening. While we were doing that Bruno called that he would be on his way back in 30 minutes and asked if we want to come with him. We drove back with him. At home we did our laundry and cooked dinner. We prepared a red curry with chicken and loads of veggies. IMAG2256 (FILEminimizer)Bruno started a fire in the fireplace that evening and Anni and I were sitting in front of it keeping it alive all evening until we went to bed. I didn´t set an alarm for the next day but woke up before 9 anyway. Nobody was home. So I had a shower and had breakfast on my own. Anni slept until 12. It was the first nice and sunny day since I had arrived in Perth, finally at least close to 20°C.  Inside the house it was still super cold though, so I moved a chair outside to write my diary. I got some computer stuff done too. For lunch I had some leftovers from our curry. In the afternoon Anni and I took off to walk the Zig Zag drive. We left the property through the back gate and walked through the bushes until we hit a road. We followed that road for about 1 km until we reached the Zig Zag drive. It is about 4 km and 600 m of altitude. You have a beautiful view over Perth and there are many wild flowers. Seems to be a pretty popular place, we met quite some people and saw loads of cars. Anni got a blister so on our way back about half way down we tried to hitchhike and an old lady took us down to the main street.

IMAG2258 (FILEminimizer)We were back shortly before 6 pm, brought a bouquet of wild flowers with us and many pictures. That day I also finally managed to upload a few of my pictures to Stephan´s server. That hadn´t worked for almost 3 months. After dinner I got into my SEA planning until I went to bed at around 1 am. My throat started to hurt during that evening. The next morning I woke up feeling like hit by a truck. I had a really bad cold with flu like symptoms. Headache, couching, sore throat, fever, everything hurt and I was completely worn out, although I had slept for 8 hours.  Not the best time for that on a flight day! After breakfast and being on the phone for a bit I had a nap and then started packing and getting ready. I walked with Anni over the property to take some pictures

and at 2:45 pm Magarita drove me to the airport. Bruno had another client for headshots, so he didn´t have time. I dropped my bag and made sure it was checked through to Padang so that I don´t have to worry about it in Jakarta, passed the security without problems and changed my last Australian dollars into Indonesian Rupiahs and thus became a Millionaire. Got a few snacks and walked to the gate where I hung around chatting until it was time to board. I didn´t get any Australia stamp in my passport this time! L

Six weeks Australia went by super quickly, I couldn´t believe it was already over! It was very nice meeting old friends and making new ones and to discover a few of the places I hadn´t known yet. Thanks to all the people who contributed to making this a great trip, especially to everyone who took me in and gave me a home for a few nights. Since this is the Perth post a special thanks to Bruno, Magarita and Amani for hosting me, picking me up and dropping me off the airport!

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