Honolulu – Part II

After touching down in Honolulu I was looking for someone who would also go to Waikiki since I wanted to share a cab. There is no free WiFi at this airport so I couldn´t order an Uber and paying about $50 for a cab was just too much. Buses don´t take you with luggage, so the options are kinda restricted. I asked a young couple and I was lucky with my first try. Pei and Bocco have been on their honeymoon and coming from the USA they had internet. But when they discovered that an Uber was also $40 they decided to just rent a car and offered to give me a lift. They were super lucky and got a Mustang IMAG1586 (FILEminimizer) for the same price as a small car. Of course they took that. Was pretty cool! They dropped me off at the HI Waikiki, but I stood there in front of a closed gate with the bell taped up and a sign that the office would open at 3 pm. I almost thought I have to sit on my bags waiting there for 50 minutes, but then Pei offered that we could go somewhere to have lunch together and they could bring me back later. I was very happy about that. We went to the Cheesecake Factory. I had a yummy burger with sweet potato fries and we shared a cheesecake as desert between the three of us.

Back to the hostel I could finally check in. After getting settled there I went to the beach with a body board from the hostel for a while.

After a shower I walked again to the HardRock Café to get the T-Shirt I had discovered last time before playing cards with a few people from the hostel. Later I met with Pei and Bocco at the Duke´s for a drink. When I returned back to the hostel I got some very good news from home and had tears of joy in my eyes reading them. That kept me awake for a little longer so the night ended up being quite short. After checking out the next day I walked to the bus stop and took the bus to Diamond Head. During the drive I overheard that there is a farmer´s market that day and asked two other travelers who were heading there where it was. It was on my way so I decided to have a look and some drinks and snacks first. I got a fresh coconut for $1 since the guy selling it accidently made it leak, so I had to drink super quickly but only payed a fifth. Great deal I would say. Just had a water belly after from drinking this big thing out in one go. When the market closed I discovered a workout station just next to it and worked out for a bit.

After I walked to Diamond Head and started on the trail. It´s supposed to be a 1.5 to 2 hours hike; I did it in 52 minutes. It´s quite steep at times, the sun was burning down and I only wore sandals, but I was faster than most people there anyway. It is a really nice view from up there. I got a Guava Smoothie and walked back to Waikiki Beach.

Took me about an hour to get back. I used the WiFi from Starbucks for a bit to organize my airport shuttle on Fiji. I went back to the hostel and rested a bit in the cool kitchen before going to the beach. IMAG1635 (FILEminimizer)There I rented a surfboard and surfed for a bit more than an hour.  I haven´t been surfing for more than 4 years and wasn´t very successful. But I caught a few waves and it was a lot of fun and a great workout. I went back to the hostel, payed $5 for being able to shower and change. I asked some other people who have been there for longer, what they would recommend for dinner. They send me to Marukame Udon, a Japanese restaurant that´s very popular. When I got there, there was a huge queue. I was warned about that though, so I just got in the line. And it was worth it. The food is cheap and super yummy. Back to the hostel I wrote my journal while waiting for the shuttle to the airport. There was a huge construction site so the shuttle couldn´t let me out at my terminal. I had to walk all the way back with my luggage. The hall where my check in counter was, was deserted and it was in the construction area. So I was not so sure if I would be at the right place. But there were a lot of other passengers and when we asked one of the very few people actually working there, they told us the counter would open only at midnight. When I finally got rid of my luggage and went through security I had to discover that everything was closed and there was nothing to do at this airport plus no free WiFi. So I wrote my journal and tried to sleep on a pretty uncomfortable metal bench for a while. The airplane was delayed too so I had to wait until almost 3 am until finally getting on the plane. I was lucky though since the plane was not full and so I had 3 seats to myself and could lie down for a bit. Goodbye Hawaii and Bula Fiji!


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