Canada Day

The next morning we had banana pancakes for breakfast. I left quite some stuff with Jaclyn and Daniel, like my bear spray, the Canada Park Pass, some food, the room spray and such. They could use it and I didn´t have space for it anyway or didn´t need it anymore. At about 11 I took off to the ferry terminal at Departure Bay. The ferry was a bit delayed and I had to wait in line with my black car in the blazing sun. But then we finally boarded and I went straight to the sun deck. It´s so much nicer to be on the ferry in nice weather. I really enjoyed the ride.

When I got off the ferry my tank display said range 65 km but within 5 min it dropped to 0 and blinked frantically. So I got off the highway at the next opportunity with a petrol station and put another $10 worth of petrol in it. Just to be safe. Was the most expensive petrol on this trip so far with 134.9. When I had this 7 liters of petrol in the car, the display showed a range of 200 km again. Very accurate this shitty car! You can totally rely on that! Anyway, after this incident I managed to get to my new AirBnB place in Vancouver. It was even possible to park for free on the street there. I had checked for that while booking, but was anyway surprised that something like this exists in a city like Vancouver. I had a little nap and cooked the rest of my supplies. Was a bit a weird combination, but the stuff had to go.  After that I took the Skytrain from Oakridge to Downtown and walked from there to the Waterfront and Canada Place where they were celebrating the 150th Canada Day with a concert and stuff. There were soooo many people, it was crazy. But the band was good and the view over the cruise ships to the mountains was really nice. I hang out there for a while and then walked over to the Plaza of Nations on the other side of downtown where I knew that a dance event would take place.

A couchsurfer named Vince told me about that. Shortly after 8 pm they started their program with a Zumba warm up of about 10 minutes, followed by a beginner salsa class that I took just for fun and then social dancing to salsa and bachata. All for free. In the beginning there were not too many good dancers, but it got better with time and I had some really nice dances. I also met Vince, who is sitting in a wheel chair, but is a passionate dancer anyway and very sportive in general playing tennis and everything. Was a first time for me though dancing with someone in a wheelchair. Not so easy since he has to do all the leading with his upper body and also work the wheel chair at the same time, but he did a really good job! At 10:15 I left the dancing place to get to the other side again since I wanted to see the fireworks. Got the number of another dancer before I left to make sure I would be informed about what´s going on dance wise in Vancouver when I would come back from the Yukon. Apparently this part of Vancouver is not the nicest one, there were a lot of creepy people on the streets and I felt a bit scared walking there alone in the dark, had a bit of a horror movie feeling to it. At one point I passed a group of 3 girls and overheard that they are also heading for the fireworks, so I just asked them if they would mind if I stick to them since it was so creepy to walk alone. They were super nice and we went to the fireworks together, watched them together and after they invited me to come to the silence disco with them.

I was super tired though and knew that I would have to wake up early the next day to return the car and catch my flight, so I declined. They escorted me to the next skytrain station and explained exactly where I had to go. I was super happy about that since I would have probably queued up at the wrong line. We left the fireworks just before it was over and I already had bought my ticket back when I was heading to downtown so I got to the train pretty fast even with all these people around. The train was packed though. Walking home from Oakridge station was not so creepy anymore. Unfortunately the  people in the house were super loud for another few hours so I didn´t get exactly a lot of sleep until I had to get up early the next morning.

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