At about 1:30pm I arrived in Nanaimo. I couldn´t check in before 4 pm so I didn´t really know where to go. I drove around a little until I found a sign to the waterfront. I parked there on the public parking lot which is free for the first 3 hours and walked around a little.

While doing that I discovered a ferry to Newcastle Island. It was only $5 return and the island looked really nice, so I decided to go. The ferry is a pretty small boat, it was a nice ride. Once on the island I first got an ice cream and enjoyed that while sitting in the shade. Then I took off to do the trail once around the island. It´s about 8 km. There are a few really beautiful places and if I would have had more time, I would have definitely stopped for a while in the one or other bay and chill a bit. But I had to be back at the car at 4:30 otherwise I would risk a fine. In 1.5 hours I had walked around the island once and took the next ferry back.

Then I drove to my AirBnB. That was pretty far outside, but a nice place with a very comfortable bed. The owners were a Chinese couple. I quickly had the rest of my leftovers from last night’s dinner. Didn´t even have to warm it up, it was hot already from the sauna in my car. Quickly refreshed myself and had to discover that my Vaseline had melted and was completely liquid. It had escaped its pot and spread all over my toiletry bag. Yeah, what a mess!  Took me a while to clean that up. Daniel – one of the people who had been on that kayak tour the day before had invited me for dinner to his place, so I went there. After dinner we drove to Neck point where we walked around and watched a beautiful sunset.

Back to Daniel´s place we tried out his new tea and I bet him at Tri-Ominos. At around midnight I made my way back to my accommodation and went to bed.

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