Hope, Agassiz and Fort Langley

Next morning it was quite hard to get out of bed since it was still super cold in the room. I finished the blog entry over which I fell asleep last night just before I had to check out and then took off to Hope. In Hope I first went to the Tourist Information. It was rainy and cold again, surprise surprise. I went to the pharmacy to get something for my cold sore and also finally wanted to ask about the pills I had lost on my last flight. I had to check in my hand luggage since the airplane was too full and when I got it back one of the pockets was open and a whole pack of super expensive pills was gone. In Switzerland and Germany you only get them with a prescription, but I was hoping that in North America you might get it without since this is the case for many things. But I was unlucky, prescription needed. There was a walk in clinic just on the other side of the road where I could get this prescription though. Since there was a lot of time and money involved I wanted to think this over. Went to find some lunch first and had Chinese buffet and took a few pictures of the city.

Then I decided that I really need this pills because I needed to finish this therapy if I don´t want to start all over again in a few months and this would be more expensive and more time consuming then doing it now. So with a heavy heart I went to the walk-in clinic. I had to pay $50 to see the doctor and the waiting room was full. I had to wait 1.5 hours until it was finally my turn. Got my pills but had a hard time to convince the doctor not to do any labwork which would have been very expensive. Waiting another 15 min in the pharmacy until they finally had it ready and had for the first time a box with pills in my hand in the American style, so not in the original package, but counted out into a small plastic tube with screwed lit and my name on it. They were super expensive, almost 3 nights in a hostel. But well, all set now. Until then it was 5:30 and I had said I would arrive at the latest at 6 at my new AirBnB which was about half an hour away in Agassiz. So I drove there without doing any hikes or going to Hell´s Gate and all these things I had planned that day. When I arrived nobody answered the door or the phone. So I just went around the house into the garden. There they were. They didn´t hear me since there was a no power for a couple of minutes already. On the other road to Agassiz that I luckily didn´t take was a bad accident and a power line was destroyed. So no door bell, no phone, no fridge, no nothing. Luckily they had a gas stove and could still use the kitchen. They had just prepared yummy lamb soup and baked fresh bagels and invited me for dinner.  Elena and Kirill are Russians who have been living in Canada for almost 30 years. They were very welcoming and open hearted and very talkative. After they heard my story of the day they were very keen to show me at least a little bit of the area. So they took me to Bridal Falls and for a short walk through the wetlands after.

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When we were back home the power was back and Kirill offered to help me with the car issue and call there for me again. Being a man helps sometimes with issues like that. As a woman they just think you are making things up and don´t believe you anyway. He managed to get them to exchange the car. They were planning to tow the current one and wanted me to drive with the tow truck to another car rental place and get the new car directly. They couldn´t say where though, but promised it would be somewhere close by and we should call again tomorrow. Next morning after shower and breakfast we called again. After ages on hold we finally got through and had to tell the whole story again (4th or 5th time by now in total counting my calls too). They still wanted me to get the new car myself instead of bringing an exchange car but now they were talking about Fort Langley, which is over an hour drive with the car and even more with the tow truck. According to them there was no working car any closer. Bullshit! But what can you do? I decided that I already wasted so much time on this and wanted to get it over with and not have another 2 hour detour tomorrow and the risk of having a  break down on the motorway halfway. I knew that I would waste the whole day like this and wouldn´t get to do any of the things for which I came to Hope / Agassiz for like the beautiful nature, hiking, Hell´s Gate, chill and relax to cure my cold and also write some couch requests and stuff. But I also didn´t want to drive in this car without oil anymore. So we agreed. I cleared out the car and after not even one hour the tow truck appeared.

The driver also couldn’t understand why Alamo makes it so complicated, but he was just doing his job. Elena was coming with me, so we were both driving in the tow truck to Fort Langley. There I had to wait again. I was soooo pissed and in a really bad mood this day. But it was not Alamo, but Enterprise were I got the new car, so I couldn’t even be mad at them. They were just helping out. They offered me a huge SUV which would have needed a lot of petrol. Since I was heading west were petrol even got more expensive and also in bigger towns, I didn’t want such a huge petrol eating monster. So we had to wait again for 45 minutes until they finally found something smaller. Well, smaller is understatement of the year, it was a super tiny Nissan Mikra with no amenities at all. No USB port, no back drive camera, no thermometer, very tiny trunk and it was quite dirty and stank like wet dog. Very bad exchange! But at least it needs not much petrol and is easy to park in a big city. Plus declining that one too would have resulted in another 2- 3 hour wait with no guarantee of something better. So I took that one. Returning a car with a tank ¾ full and got a car with an almost empty tank. Yeah! My mood didn´t get any better, but at least I had a car again. Since we were already in Fort Langley we drove downtown had a look at the fort, where some special activities for kids took place

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and walked around the cute little city, having a small lunch in a vegan restaurant and a very nice icecream a view streets further.

The we drove back to Agassiz, stopping at an insider tip petrol station Elena knew where the petrol was almost 10 cents cheaper than on all the other stations. Elena decided to take me to Harrison Hot Springs in the evening so that I can relax a bit. They are closing at 8 and it was already 6 so we basically just grabbed our bikinis and towels and took off again. Kirill didn´t want to come. Sitting in the warm water felt really nice after all this shit of the last couple of days. Back home Elena quickly fried some veggies and herbs from the garden and we had these with the fresh bagels Kirill had baked during the day for dinner. Went to bed pretty shortly after. Next morning I wrote a few couchrequests and after shower and breakfast loaded the car and took off to Vancouver in order to catch the ferry to Victoria on Vancouver Island at 3 pm.

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