Mount Robson Provincial Park, Clearwater, Wells Gray Provincial Park and Kamloops

About an hour after Jasper I came to the Mount Robson Provincial Park. I was already in BC by then, so another hour back on the clock. My day had an hour more so to say. I originally just planned to stop quickly for the washroom and stretch my legs, but since the weather started to be really nice, I didn´t want to just sit in the car and my host´s place all day. So I got some information in the visitor center and after a quick breakfast in the Mount Robson Café I drove to the trail head of the Berg Lake Trail. I put on sunscreen and got a long sleeved shirt out and did at least a little part of the trail to Kinney Lake and back. Just 9 km return, almost no elevation, nice little stroll. Shortly after the start I ran into a group of Dutch people. I stayed with them and we chatted a lot. Was really nice, beautiful plants and water. At the lake I couldn´t help but had to get in there at least with my feet. It was super cold, it´s a glacier lake after all, but very nice too and the colour is just amazing. I had to dry my feet after, but the Dutch group already headed back. So I stayed at the lake and soon had a little squirrel as companion that hoped to get a bit of my sandwich. Then I walked back and arrived almost at the same time as the others at the trail head.

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Then I drove to Valemount where I visited the Swiss Bakery

before driving on to Clearwater. I wanted to get some information at the visitor center. But they closed at 5 pm and I arrived at 5:15. So I drove directly to my AirBnB place. The owner was not there, but shortly after me another guest arrvived. Was a German guy named Bernd.  I first went to the bathroom and took a long and very needed showered after 3 days without running water. It felt soooo good! While I was in the bathroom the other guest arrived, a swiss couple. So we were a completely German speaking household. I quickly drove back to town for grocery shopping, cooked my dinner, talked to the other guests and worked a little on my diary and blog before going to bed. The next day I went with Bernd in his cool car – he got a so called muscle car IMG_9367 (FILEminimizer) at the rental station although he had booked a small one, they didn´t have anything else – to the Wells Gray Provincial Park. There are several great waterfalls.


First stop was Spahats Falls, it was only 5 min walk from the parking lot so no hiking needed there.

Second stop: Moul Falls. It was an 1.5 hour return hike to get there. You could get super close to the bottom of the fall and I took an involuntary shower there when I moved too close for a nice picture. Underestimated the mist and got completely soaked in the few seconds Bernd needed to take the picture. My upper body was protected by my rain jacket, but my pants were super wet. At just a little above 10°C and no sun that was not exactly pleasant.

Back to the car I tried to dry my pants with seat heating and air blowing while driving to the next falls. Didn´t manage completely, but at least they dried a little bit. At Dawson Falls it was again just a few minutes from the parking lot.

When I took out my camera to take some nice pics it suddenly started to play up. It said lense error and turned off, but the lense wouldn´t go in anymore. It made horrible sounds trying. We tried for a couple of minutes to get it working again, but no chance. Really pissed me off and made me sad. The camera was very expensive and I only had it for about 1.5 years, only 2 months in my world trip and being in a park with some world famous waterfalls that I couldn´t take proper pictures of now didn´t really help to make me feel better. But that´s the way it was, only cell phone pics from there on. From Dawson falls you could take a trail to Helmcken Falls. It´s officially a 3h trail, but we managed in a little less than 2 hours. At the end of the trail you have a great view of Helmcken Falls, but it´s really hard to take pictures since there is so much mist that you basically can´t see anything most of the time.

We saw people standing on a platform on the other side of the river though. Back to the car we drove to this platform and enjoyed the mist free view to the falls from there. Unfortunately my cell phone pictures don´t give credit to the impressive height and beauty of this fall.

After we drove all the way up to Clearwater Lake. From Helmcken Falls on it is only gravel road and it takes quite a while for the last 30 something kilometers. We wanted to do the Chain Meadows / Eastern Bluff Trail. On the map we had where no distances written. It looked pretty short, not longer than any of the trails we did so far on this day. But at the trail head was a map and I am very happy that I took a closer look. It was a 17 km loop and it was already 5 pm. So we decided to just walk along the lake for a bit and loop back over the road we came on to the car. IMG_9389 (FILEminimizer)

We did so, but it was also a bit longer then expected until we could finally get back to the street. It was beautiful though. And this lake must be perfect for kayaking with nice weather! You just have to be careful with the big waterfall at the end of the lake, but there are more than enough signs and warnings before. You really have to be blind or stupid to not see them. After this last hike we drove back to Clearwater where we arrived shortly after 8 pm. I did my laundry, heated up my leftovers of yesterday´s dinner and called Alamo because of the oil problem in my car. The service is “great”. You are stuck in a waiting line for ages and when you finally get through they are not very helpful. After arguing for quite a while say said I should exchange the car at the next Alamo. They didn´t care at all that there is basically no oil left in the engine. The next Alamo is in Vancouver, where I would only get to on Sunday (so in 4 days) and the car rental thing would be on the other side of town, so almost a 2 hour detour. I was asking myself for what I paid the road side assistance. Anyway, I had spend enough time with those jerks for that day. So I put on a movie and searched for new accomodations for the next days and worked a bit on my blog. Since I got to bed quite late and check out was only at 12 plus I didn´t have great plans that day I slept in a little  and took my time with showering and breakfast . During breakfast Kim the host quickly looked in and said hi. Booked my ferry to Vancouver Island and got some other online stuff done before packing my car and heading to Kamploops. It´s just a 120 km drive and there is not much to see and do, but I intended to work on my blog to finally catch up with the last 1.5 weeks. So I had booked a motel (wanted something with a single room and no other guests so that I don´t get distracted and can concentrate on my blog) and that was the cheapest option. Plus there was a camera  house in Kamloops where I wanted to bring my camera for repair. Arriving at the Trans Canada Motel there was no one there and I couldn´t check in. So I called the number on the door and had to wait like 20 min until the family who owned the motel finally arrived and let me in. The motel is pretty fucked up and many things didn´t work, plus it is super loud since it is directly next to the Highway and on the other side is the railway. The promised kitchenette consisted of a microwave and a fridge. So no possibility to cook. Really bad value for money ratio there, I can´t recommend that motel. After I finally had my keys I drove to downtown. The motel is quite far out, so no possibility to walk there.  I went to a big shopping center to park my car and walked to the camera house. The guy there was super friendly and he looked at my camera. By then it was working again, but still was making funny noises and I was afraid that it would break down soon again. He checked a few things and said that it will probably do, if I leave it over night as open as possible close to a heating or in some air stream to dry it out properly and no repair needed. I was super happy about that, because repairing it would have been rather expensive. I bought a sun protection though that I had intended to buy for many months already and here it was also cheaper than in Switzerland. Since I was super hungry and couldn´t cook in my place (there was not even a water kettle) I looked for a restaurant. Unfortunately almost everything was closed until 5 pm. But after searching for a while I ran into a place that was also recommended by TripAdvisor according to the sign on the door and it was open. At the Frick and Frack I ate an Asian style noodle soup with lots of veggies and wonton and had a local beer. Was both good and I could finally satisfy my hunger. I was not feeling very well, probably caught a cold. So I bought a smoothy at super juice and checked the oil level in the motor before heading back to the motel. There was not much left inside. More than 0 what the display inside the car was saying, but not much anyway. Back to the motel it was super cold in the room, so I hid under a blanket turned the TV and got to work on my blog. Took a Neocitran and prepared some tea too. At around 10 pm I managed to fall asleep while doing my blog. When I woke up again I decided it´s time to brush my teeth and call it a day. In the middle of the night around 4 am my door suddenly opened. Was quite scary and I was super happy that I had closed the chain. Still have no idea if somebody opened it or what happened. I just woke up due to it and closed it again. Creepy place this motel!

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