Owen Sound and Bruce Peninsula

We drove about 3 hours to Owen Sound where we met with Mel, my new CS host for the next 3 nights. Outside the big city it is also a lot easier to find some free parking. There was a huge parking lot just behind the house. Edith´s host wouldn´t be home before 6 PM, so Mel, Edith and I set off together to explore the surrounding of Owen Sound. We went to Indian Falls, which is about a 3 to 4 km return trail. Big parts of it were flooded so it was kinda tricky to get there, but very beautiful.

Then we went to Inglis Falls. You can park very close to the falls for a $6 parking fee or you park a few km away for free and take a nice trail through the woods to the falls and back. That´s what we did, was only about 5 km return.

Short snack stop at home before we went to the grocery store were Edith was supposed to meet her host and got some groceries for dinner. After we made sure that Edith got picked up we went back home cooked and had dinner together, chatted a bit and went to bed. The cat Grace woke me up at like 5:30AM the next day, but I would need to get up at 6:30 anyway since I had to leave with Mel when she went to work. I picked up Edith at her host´s place and we started our Bruce Peninsula Day trip. We had beautiful weather. First stop Big Bay. The general store there sells the best ice cream of the peninsula according to Mel. It´s very famous and people from the area would drive there just for the ice cream. Unfortunately we had to discover that it was closed Mondays and Tuesdays. Big Bay is also the stone skipping capital, so we tried to do that for a while at a beautiful stone beach close to the general store.

Next we went to Wiarton to see the Wiarton Willi, an albino groundhog who predicts the summer during a week long festival. Like in the movie. The festival was not on, but we could see Willi. So cute! Very close to Wiarton there is the Spirit Rock. There is also a trail to some metal spiral staircase down to the lake. It´s so beautiful there. We sat there and enjoyed the view for like half an hour.

Back to the car we had a quick and very early lunch break before heading up all the way to Tobermory. Tobermory is a very cute harbour town and the gateway to the 2 national parks up there, Bruce Peninsula National Park and Fathom Five National Marine Park. We parked at the visitor center, got some maps and set off to downtown to see the big car ferry come in and leave again with a beautiful view over the lake. Unfortunately we didn´t have enough time nor money to do one of the boat tours to the islands and the water at Georgian Bay was still way to cold (4°C) to go diving in the Marine Park. If there will ever be a hostel or warm enough at night to camp, I would definitely like to stay there for a few days! We did a bit of window shopping and went to the famous Candy Shop were we could try some fudge for free and both got a very yammie ice cream.

Back to the visitor center we climbed the lookout tower close bye

and then set off to Cyprus Lake road to do a few trails. We took the Horse Lake Trail until we hit the lake, turned left and passed Indian Head Cove and Grotto before heading back on Marr Lake Trail. It´s only like 5 km but partly you can´t walk fast due to all the stones. And we took our time at the Grotto and the Cove since they are soooo beautiful. Also got a bit of exercice by climbing around there. If you ever go there, I can definitely recommend these trails.

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IMG_8586 (FILEminimizer)After we quickly went to Singing Sands. The name comes from the sound of someone playing christal glasses when the wind blows from the right direction over the sand beach. On this side of the peninsula in Lake Huron the water is a lot warmer, like 18 to 20°C.  Esther had a quick dip in the water before we headed back to Owen Sound were we arrived at about 8:30 PM.

Next morning I went tot he Memorial Forest were I did a part of the Bruce Trail to the Jones Falls. Very beautiful trail through the forest, first on the bottom of the cliffs and after the water fall back on the top of the cliffs. But the mosquitos are trying to eat you alive there. Don´t forget to bring repellent!

After I went tot he post office to drop a parcel for Mel and walked around downtown for a bit, before I went to a place calles Jazzmynes with a nice patio in the back. Sat down there for a while had a salad and something to drink and worked on my blog. I did part oft he Harbour walk after and then returned to Mel.

In the evening we went to a very nice Mexican restaurant named Casero Kitchen Table. The food is delicious. After we went to Hardwood Bar where they had open mic night. They had some great performers there. Settled in for my last night in Owen Sound on my couch with Grace on top of me.

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