Saguenay, Lac Saint-Jean and Charlevoix

On the weekend we took the car that I had rented on Friday for a 2 day trip to the Saguenay region.

We drove through le Parc des Laurentides. There are so many frozen lakes on the side of the road. For Bryan this is just normal, but I couldn´t stop staring. This is sooo beautiful!  I also saw my first moose sign. In the middle of the parc there is a rest area, where pretty much everyone stops, since it is the only on all the way through the parc.

We drove to Alma to have a great view of Lac-Saint-Jean which was still frozen. Looks really amazing!

We had a short lunch break in Alma before heading to Jonquière and had a small walk around the cute city.

Then to Arvida where there are many beautiful houses. It´s an old industry settlement around the first aluminium smelter north of Québec City.

Off to our final destination for the day: Chicoutimi. We took a room at Hotel du Fjord and relaxed for a couple of minutes before taking a walk through the city to the old pulp mill, where we spend quite some time. It´s really interesting and beautiful. They built a whole parc around it. In the city there is a small white house which is now a museum and quite famous. There was a huge flood a while ago and this house was standing there surrounded by loadas of water, everything around destroyed, but this little house remained. Later we went for some nice Asian food and went to the hotel after. Since it was really cold, we didn´t want to go outside again so we went to the bar of the hotel. The receptionist had told us, when we checked in that there will be live music and a good party going on. When we arrived we saw though that the crowd was basically 50+ in there and we didn´t really fit it. Had something to drink and listened to the music for a bit, but then went to the second bar for a couple of rounds of pool before we called it a day.

After a good and extensive breakfast the next morning we set off to Saint-Rose-du Nord. Today we were finally lucky with the weather. The sun was out and it was immediately a few degrees warmer. On the way we stopped at Cap-au-Leste to have a good view over the fjord. We drove a dirt road for a couple of kilometers to end up in front of a closed gate. So we just left the car and continued on foot and it was worth it. There is a big restaurant with a beautiful view, many cabbins and walkways. Must be beautiful in summer.IMAG0094

Saint-Rose-du Nord is such a lovely place. Very small but super cute, with nice hostels and restaurant, cute houses, great view,… Unfortunately it was the wrong time of the year, so everything was closed. But in summer you could kayak, dive, hike and all sorts of things there and I really wouldn´t mind to spend a few days there and chill.

From here we drove to Tadoussac. Another lovely place for summer with a beach, cute places to stay and quite some things to do. Also only in summer unfortunately. In summer there is also a big music festival there which is supposed to be really good. From Tadoussac you have to take a ferry to Saint-Siméon since the river is too deep there to build a bridge. The ferry is for free though. In Saint-Siméon we had a very later lunch and a short digestion stroll.

Next stop was Port-au-Persil. Very small but cute place with yet another waterfall. It feels a bit like a travel in time there.

From this lovely place we drove over Baie St-Paul back to Québec city. We did 627 km in those two days and saw a lot. Was a great weekend!!!

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