Québec City, Canada

The first 6 days I stayed with Bryan in Québec City. Was a nice way to start this trip. I had a local guide, a friend to talk to and had a nice place to stay with proper internet and everything so that I was able to get a few things organized I hadn’t managed to do before the journey started. Since my French is super rusty and almost not existing anymore it was also very good to be with someone who speaks the local language. Especially for organizing a Canadian SIM card. I have never been in a place where it was so complicated to get a local mobile phone number! But after 3 days we finally succeded. We toured the city together when he had time or I did alone when he was at work or had other things to do. The nature here is about a months behind, although it´s almost on the same latitude as Switzerland. Back home everything was green and blossoming already, here it´s still grey-brown, no leaves on the trees. So I am going to have a second spring soon! 🙂

I was also meeting some of Bryan´s friends and got to know nice bars and restaurants of the area like La Cuisine, Griendel, Le Bureau de Poste, La Korrigane,…

Smaller trips to the close surrounding where also on the agenda. We went to the Parc de la Chute-Montmorency. It was still closed so we didn´t have to pay for parking or an entrance fee, but also the gondola was not working. But due to the season there was loads of water and for me – who loves waterfalls – this was just amazing.

We also went to Ile d´Orléans. It´s a nice island with cute villages and some really nice views if the weather is right. Unfortunately we were super unlucky since it was pouring down and super foggy so we basically didn´t see anything. But even in this weather we passed several spots where I thought that would be such a nice picture with some sun. Haven´t taken any of these views though since it was not worth it in this weather.

At Parc de la Chaudière there was another waterfall wating for me. Also here April is just perfect, because this is the time of the year where the most water is coming down the fall. You can walk to the power station and there are several information plates on the way. The only tricky thing when you visit at this time of the year is that there is still quite some snow and ice on the way and the stairs which makes the way quite slippery. But with proper shoes and a bit of balance this is still no real problem.

Wendake is a place where some native people live. It´s quite touristy but nice and there are also falls – the Kabir Kouba. All the signs there are bilingual and many places have an Indian name.

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