The beginning

After some really busy and hard weeks with loads of stress, bad news and health issues it was finally time to start the journey I have been dreaming of for about 16 years already. I already had made a good bye party at work and at home, but there were still a few friends who wanted to accompany me to the airport to say goodbye. I was really happy about that and felt loved. Thank you again guys, it was a really nice farewell!

Once in the first plane I just had sat down when my seat neighbours showed up and asked me if I could change the seat since they are traveling with their young grandson and he was sitting 10 rows further alone. So I exchanged my nice window seat far away from the engines to an aisle seat just above the wings. But in exchange I got a really nice neighbour – a girl from Uruguay. Unfortunately I had to learn that food is not included in this flight. I though, well I do have a bit more than an hour in Reykjavik and just have to change planes, so I can eat something there. But somehow – also we have started on time – we arrived late in Reykjavik. We touched down 10 minutes after the boarding for the next plane had started. So no time for food, just running to the toilet quickly and board the next plane. When exiting the first plane I ran into 3 really nice Canadians who had to catch the same plane. Felt good to know that I am not the only one they would need to wait for. Until it was finally possible to buy some food, I felt almost starved already. The portions were super small and quite expensive, but I just needed to eat something. Flying over Greenland was really amazing! Unfortunately I didn´t have a window seat. Six hours later in Toronto when I finally had my luggage I went through immigration and customs quite quickly and without problems and collected the first stamp in my new passport. The Pearson Airport is very confusing and so it took me about an hour to find where I had to go to check in my luggage again before I could finally look for some more food. When checking in the next surprise was waiting: the machine was overbooked and they had put me on the waiting list, so it was not sure if i could even board the plane. I had to wait for almost 2 hours to finally get the ok that I would be able to come aboard. With half an hour delay due to the crew not being there and a gate change I could finally start the last part of this journey with a small propeller machine to Québec City. Arriving there I got picked up by Bryan – my pen pal for 21 years who I met the very first time that day. Was a nice welcome after this trip.



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